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China is abundant not only in population, but also in scenic splendours & cuisines ...
The Great China Wall, China
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China Tourist Attraction|Tourist Attractions in China


The Great Wall of China-

one of the greatest wonders of the world The Forbidden City- Forbidden City was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties carried out their administration and lived The Great Silk Road- The Great Silk Road is the trading caravan way from China to the capital of Rome empire.

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Apart from these Temple of heaven, Three Gorges of Changjiang River, Li River, Suzhou Garden, Taishan Mountain and many more

Time-honored history and brilliant Chinese civilization endow the country with numerous historical and cultural relics. Vast field gives birth to many beautiful mountains and rivers. This was an old and rich country sending an air of mystery in the Tourist Attractions in China. China Tourist Attraction and Nowadays, great treasures are greatly appreciated by tourist from all over the globe to explore.

Historical Relics

Chinese Tourist Attractions and Numerous historic relics from China's long history have been preserved. These great treasures are greatly appreciated by tourists. Among them, the Great Wall is the icon of the Chinese nation and the most popular attraction.Chinese Tourist Attractions and The excavation of Yin Xu (Yin Ruins) in Anyang City of Henan let the world know Oracles which have been proved to be the earliest written character of human beings. Potala Palace in holy Lhasa is a splendid and complicated building complex on the Red Hill, being the palace of Dalai Lamas and political center of Tibet in the China Tourist Attraction.

Nature Scenery

Mountains and waters often occur in literary works to express great breadth of mind or yearning for nature. They usually hold more than what their facial beauty can convey.


Tourist Attractions in China and a mountain has its unique character - magnificent, imposing or elegant. The Five Most Famous Mountains can be the representative of all mountains in China. Mount Taishan in Shandong is the most revered; Shaolin Temple brought worldwide fame to the Song Mountain in Henan; Mt Huashan in Shaanxi is precipitous; Hengshan in Shanxi has jagged ranges and Mt. Hengshan in Hunan is elegant in appearance in the Chinese Tourist Attractions.


If joined together, the natural rivers of China reach a total length 10.5 times greater than the length of the Earth's equator. Among all the rivers, the Yellow River is affectionately known as the mother river of Chinese nation. The Yangtze River, the world third longest, enjoys great fame because of the numerous historic relics found along its banks and the beautiful legends about this vital waterway. Holding enchanting riverside scenery, Li River gathers the most astonishing natural beauty of northeast Guangxi by connecting Guilin and Yangshuo.

Ethnic Group Flavors

Tourist Attractions in China and If you are interested in the culture and life styles of Chinese 56 ethnic groups, especially the 55 ethnic minorities, villages and buildings introduced here best show you their distinctive flavors. Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou have the richest resource of this kind. Baimian Yao Village, Yinshui Dong Village and Ethnic Relics Center in Guangxi are all worth visiting. China Folk Culture Villages in Guangdong and Xishuangbanna Nationality Culture Park in Yunnan are comprehensive scenic areas to gather flavors of many ethnic groups together in one place

Ancient Towns and Local Resident Houses

Ancient cities, towns and villages are treasures for visitors to understand China. Zhouzhuang in Suzhou is known as the number one water town in China. In the same city, Tongli is regarded as the oriental Venice. In Zhejiang Wuzhen, you will find waterside pavilions which are seldom seen in ancient water towns in southern China. Now the town is a fine base for movies and televisions.

Ancient city of Pingyao in Shanxi is characterized by the city wall and the ancient compounds of rich families. Xidi and Hongcun Ancient Villages have typical local residences in southern Anhui Province. Lijiang Old Town and Dali Ancient City in Yunnan have delicate residential houses, lanes and streams. In addition, Beijing's courtyards, earth towers of the Hakkas in Fuzhou, Huizhou local residences in Anhui and the farmers' caves in Shaanxi are outstanding representatives of local residences in different areas of China.

Gardens, Temples and Monasteries

The history of gardens in China extends for over 3,000 years. Those in northern China are mainly imperial gardens such as Summer Palace and Mountain Resort of Chengde; while those in southern China are mainly private ones such as the classical gardens of Suzhou.

Temples and monasteries are emblems of China's long history. Shaolin Temple is the number one temple under heaven. White Horse Temple is the oldest temple and the cradle of Buddhism in China. Jokhang Temple, Labrang Monastery and Ta'er Monastery are famous Tibetan Buddhist shrines. As to Confucianism, there are several Temples of Confucius (Kong Miao) in many cities.

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