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Chikmagalur Tour | Chikmagalur Travel Packages


Chikmagalur Tour and Its exquisite step into the rich earth and let the grass your feet, dew drops wash your toes,and your heart goes, Ah! you are in heavenly Chikmagalur. Words are never enough to paint a picture that is Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur Travel Packages and Your imagination of calm soothing music could be a fine prelude to what lies ahead for you in this glorious land of coffee, hills and sparkling waters.Chikmagalur Tour and As you venture into the unexpected Western Ghats, situated in the south western part of Karnataka, carved against a mountains canvas, you'll find this virgin land a nature's bounty, a large basket of pleasant surpises in Chikmagalur Travel Packages.

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Lofty peaks, racing rivers, sparkling streams,captivating cascades and the bracing mountain air-a soothing balm to the work-weary. Climbing high above the world where the mountains touch the sky, be enticed bt the raw power of natural splendour and the beauty of the snow-white coffee blossoms.

To all those who seek adventure / sport, this hilly district with rugged mountain trails, is God's own gift. These hills and valleys have been sublime abodes of the Kings and Sadhus alike. This is the land of legends and heores, the air alive with tales and deeds from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

Chikmagalur Tour and the numerous piligrim spots are associated with the history of the land and are benchmarks on the path leading towards realization of the ultimate truth. The Agraharas have been lively centers of education and philosophical discourses, and numerous epigraphs are peans to dynastic dominance of yore.

Journey Into The Past
Karnataka Chikmagalur Travel Tourism an d Chilkmaglur is considered to be the place of origin and early reign of the Hosysalas, who played a decisive role in the history of South India. It was at Sosevur, identified with Angadi in Mudigere Taluk that Sala, the founder of the Hoysala crest. The district takes its name from the town 'Chikmagalur' which literally means youngest daughter's town.

The place was given as dowry to the youngest daughter of Rukmangada, the chief of Sakrepatna. Another part of the town bestowed on the elder daughter is known as Hiremagalur. But some old inscriptions reveal that these two places were known Kiriya-muguli and Piriyamuguli.

Chikamagalur- The Town
Karnataka Chikmagalur Travel Tourism and Situated in a fertile valley, south of the Baba Buban range is the headquarter town of the district. This charming little town enjoys a salubrious climate and has venerated monuments of many religious - Kodandrama Temple-a synthesis of Hoysala and Dravindian style of architecture, the Jamia Mosque, New St. Josph's Cathedral- with unique shell shaped portico.

Hiremagalur which is now a part of Chikmagalur town has an Ishwara temple with a 4ft. high rotund figure of Jademuni. The temple also has a Yoopastambha installed by King Janamejaya during his serpent sacrifice. Parashurama Temple and the Kali shrine are others places of worship. There is also the everchanging face of Chikmagalur - a centre of education, trade and commerce in Karnataka Chikmagalur Travel Tourism.

Coffe Rows
The white blossoms fill the air with fragrance and spot the hills with a series of lovely flowers. Coffee has added to the economic prosperity of the region. Baba Buban's seven seeds of coffee was planted around his shrine in 1670 AD. In time it spread to other religion of Karnataka and became a kitchen crop. During the reign of Tippu Sultan, it was sold at the local weekend fairs. In the 18th Century after the fall of Tippu Sultan, Mysore fell in to the hands of the English and they were impressed with the variety of coffee of the region. Under the British, large forest areas were turned into coffee plantations. To this day the sylvan slopes are studded with coffee plantations.

It is a cherishing wxperience during the flowering season of March and April when the air is filled with the heady fragrance of coffee blossoms. As a major coffee producing district in the country, it has numerous coffee curing centers where the raw coffee is dried, shelled, winnowed, graded and packed. The district houses the Central Coffee Research Institute formerly known as the Coffee Experimental Station.

Chikamagalur - The Hills
Hop along these luxuriant freen slopes, lean into the cool kisses of wispy white clouds, inhale fresh life breath, let the different hues of green bring sparkle and new light to your eyes.

The Baba-Budan Range
To the northern of Chikmagalur town is the Baba - Budan Range or Chandra Drona Parvatha as it was known in ancient times. It has one of the highest mountain peaks between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. The loftiest point of the range is Mullaiyanagiri which is about 6355 ft. above sea level. The three caves here, are said to have been sanctified by 3 revered siddhas, which contain their icons and 'gaddinges' (tombs), and annual jatras are held here in their honor.

A sacred place called the Seethala Mallappana Kanive to the left side of the caves is said to have been hallowed by Siddha Seethalaya and contains a Mutt and the dual shrine temples of Seethala - Mallikarjuna. The enthralling sight and quiet mysticism makes this place a much frequented location. It is situated 28 kms North of Chikmagalur town. A beacon lighted here can be spotted in Chikmagalur during Deepavali. Baba Budan Giri- The peak, is named after the Muslim saint, Baba Budan, who took up residance in the 17th century.
Legend has it that Baba Budan Peer brought back seven seeds of coffee from his pilgrimage to Yemen and planted these seeds around his shrine, which soon spread to other regions. Short distance from here are the three famous water falls with epic associations to it - Gada Theertha, Kamana Theertha and Nellikayi Theertha. The Baba Budan Shrine is revered by both the Hindus and Muslims and thousands throng here for blessing and miraculous cures.

Dattatreya Peetha
Situated on the Baba-Budan Giri is the Dattatreya Peetha venerated by Hindus and Muslims alike. A laterite cave here is believed to have been sanctified by the residence of Dattatreya Swamy as well as Hazrat Dada Hayat Mir Khalander. The worship is led by a Fakir annual jatra / Urus is celebrated by both Muslims and Hindus with great aplomb. Datta Jayanti, the birthday of Dattatreya Swamy is celebrated with great fervor.

Kemmannugundi is one of the exceptionally beautiful Hill stations and one of the best trekking spots amidst lush green forest, 50 kms North from Chikmagalur town on the Baba Budan range. KR Hills as it is popularly known, is named after the Wodeyar king Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV who made the place his most favoured summer camp. Situated at a height of 4732 ft. and surrounded by thick green forests, Kemmannugundi is a perfect getaway, with salubrious climate and panoramic view of wild mountains, birds singing and the blissful cool breeze.

Chikamangalur - The Rivers
Along the rivers are the centres of learning and new philosophies, intricately carved temples, mutts and the abundant richness of nature.

Khandya is about 43 kms to north - west of Chikmagalur town and is one of the panch-kshetras (five sacred places) situated on the banks of the river Bhadra.

Sringeri, a charming toen on the banks of river Tunga, 90 kms west of chikmagalur town, is one of the most celebrated pilgrimage centres in Karnataka with epic associations. Named after Rshyashringa from Ramayana Adi Shankaracharya established the Sharada peeta and propogated advaitha, the philosophy of non-dualism.

Sureshwacharya was the first head of the peeta Shankaracharya installed an image of Sharada Devi made of Sandalwood, which was replaced with a golden replica in the 14th century. In the 12th century the Vidyashankara temple was built with the help of the Vijayanagar rulers.

The temple is a combination of Hoysala and Dravidian style of architeture. There are 6 doorways leading to the temple. In the Mantapa and 12 zodiac pillars, known as Rasikambhas, which are placed so that the suns rays fall on each of them, in the order of the solar months The garioha - griha has a linga called Vidyashankara installed in the memory of Guru Vidyatheertha. To the north of the temple is a more recent temple built by skilled craftsmen of the 28th century dynastic style. A stone's throw from here is a 14th century temple of Janardhana built during the Vijayanagara period. At Sringeri also is an old Jain Basadi dedicated to Parshwanath Theerthankara.

45 kms North - West of Chikmagalur town in B alehonnur, on the banks of river Bhadra. It is a celebrated seat of Shrimad Jagadguru Rambhapuri Veerasimhasana Mahasamsthana Peeta. The famous Veerashaiva Mutt, one of the great Pancha Peetas. The Veerabhadra Temple attached to the Mutt has sturdy images of Veerbhadra and Bhadrakali. Devotees visit to pay homage all through the year. Easy access to this place from Chikmagalur is via V.K. Road.

Chikamangalur - The Falls
The water that take birth in the hills, flow into the ever-happy-to- receive hosts of fields and plains. A flowing living poetry as they descend to meet mother earth.

Hebbe Falls
8 kms away from Kemmannugundi is the Hebbe falls where the water gushes down from a height of 554 two stages

Kalhatti Falls
10 kms away from Kemmannugundi is another Fall called Kalahasti or Kalkatti Falls where the water cascades down from a height of 403 ft. amidst fascinating scenery. Legend associates this place with sage Agasthya and a serene and a gorgeous local temple constructed in a narrow gap between rocks, is attributed to the Vijayanagar times. An annual jatra of Veerabhadra is held here for three day during March/ April which attract pilgrims from all over.

Temple Towns & More
The land sacred, every step holy ground, you cannot help but be remindedof a Greater Presence that be. The monuments and thanksgivings lovingly built to the glory and manifestation of that power, caressed into immortality by supreme craftmen.

67 kms north of Chikmagalur is Amrithapura known for the splendid Amriteshwara temple built in 1196 A.D. by Amriteshwara Dandanayaka, general of the Hoysala ruler Ballala II. The temple is designed in a delicate, exquisite and intricate style.

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