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Climate of Malaysia | Malaysia Climate


Climate of Malaysia has a warm and humid climate. The humidity is about 80% all year round and temperatures range from 21 to 32C.

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The climate is affected by the northeast and southwest monsoons, tropical winds that alternate during the course of the year.

The northeast monsoon blows from November to March, and the southwest monsoon from May to September.

The periods between the monsoons are marked by heavy rainfall. Much of Malaysia is mountainous.

Its mountains include two of the highest in southeast Asia: the Gunung Tahan, which rises 2,190 metres above the central spine of the Titiwangsa mountain range in Peninsular Malaysia, and the Gunung Kinabalu, 4,100 metres high, in Sabah.

For the period during the rainy season, the monsoon wind sweeps across these areas bringing frequent heavy rains.

Climate in Malaysia on the western side of Peninsular Malaysia is not affected by the monsoon because it is protected by the soaring mountain ranges.

The annual rainfall exceeds 2000 mm. The Malaysia climate in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and the coastal areas of Sabah and Sarawak is very much influenced by the monsoon season from November until March.

Peninsular Malaysia Climate accounts for 40% of the country's landmass. There are several mountain ranges running north- south along the backbone of the peninsula.

A wide, fertile plain trails the West Coast, while a narrow coastal plain runs along the east. Sabah and Sarawak are covered by dense jungles and have large river networks.

These rivers are still the main means of transportation to the natives of these two states.

Over 60% of the country is still rainforest, and there are 8000 species of flowering plants (in Peninsular Climate in Malaysia alone) which includes 2000 tree species, 800 different orchids and 200 types of palm, not forgetting a myriad of wildlife animals.

There are also an abundance and variety of bird populations in the world that can be found in East Malaysia.

Climate in Malaysia - The two parts are separated 650km (403 miles) apart by the South China Sea. Peninsular Malaysia's neighbors are Thailand and Singapore.

Sabah and Sarawak border Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of Borneo) and Sarawak surrounds the tiny enclave of Brunei.

The Andaman Sea is on the West Coast of the peninsula. The East Coast of the peninsula, Sabah and Sarawak all adjoin the South China Sea.

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