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Sri Lanka

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Maldive Islands, in 26 distinct coral atolls, are spread over a total area of 90,000 square kilometres ...
Maldives Island
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Maldives Geographical Profile | Map of Maldives


Maldives Geographical Profile

Info about Maldives - The Maldives is situated in the South West of Sri Lanka, on the equator.

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The numerous coral reef islands, 1,190 in total, form an archipelago of 26 natural atolls ( groups of neighbouring coral islands).

These 26 atolls are organised into 19 administrative atolls with the capital island of Male' established as an entity of its own forming the twentieth division.

Info about Maldives - Seen from air, the atolls and the islands form breathtakingly beautiful patterns against the blue depths of the Indian Ocean.

The largest island of Info about Maldives is Fuvammulah, which is a single island and single atoll located in the southern part of the Maldives known as Gnaviyani Atoll in the administrative division.

In Addu Atoll the westernmost islands are connected by roads over the reef and the total length of the road is 12 km.

Wild flowers in all colors compliment the enchanting landscape of serene Maldives that is located towards the South east of Sri Lanka on the Indian Ocean.

About 88 islands on scenic Maldives are exclusive sea resorts.

Most of the atolls in Map of Maldives are ring shaped coral masses that enclose stunning beach country within their golden embrace.

You are likely to experience a dry season or the rainy season on your tours to Maldives depending upon the time of the year you choose for your Maldives sojourn.

Feel the constant sea breeze that caresses the soft Maldives sands and be a part of a calm world that offers you a peaceful sanctum away from the regular city bustle.

Map of Maldives - The islands are formed from the growth of coral over long-submerged mountain ranges.

Maldives, Geographical ProfileThese are true coral islands, with no other forms of rocks or minerals visible or within easy reach.

As a result, beaches are covered with white coral sand with no trace of yellow or black as seen anywhere else in the world.

There are no hills, mountains or rivers in the Maldives.

The islands are small, and the coral-based soil is poor in essential nutrients.

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