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Sri Lanka

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Maldive Islands, in 26 distinct coral atolls, are spread over a total area of 90,000 square kilometres ...
Maldives Island
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Getting To Maldives-Maldives Tours | Maldives Travel Tourism


The only way to reach Getting To Maldives-Maldives Tours is by air : There are regular flights to Colombo (Sri Lanka), Thrivandrum (southwest India), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), as well as many charter flights from European centres.

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Malé International Airport is the only international gateway is located on the island of Hulhule island, departure tax is 10.00.

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Maldives Travel Tourism is strictly regulated, and independent travel is discouraged because it is seen as disruptive to traditional island communities.

An Inter Atoll Travel Permit is required to visit islands outside the tourist zone, and the Ministry of Atolls Administration will only issue them to those whose visit is sponsored by a resident of the island concerned.

Maldives Travel Tourism is a group of coral islands that stretch along the 73rd meridian between latitudes 0°42' south and 8°10' north.

Maldives Travel Information - The shortest distance from the mainland of India is 350 km and from Sri Lanka 740 km.

The islands lie in the northern Indian Ocean and the sea area is approximately 107,500 sq km.

There are some 1,200 islands in the country, 202 of which are inhabited.

The archipelago is 823 km long and 130 km at its greatest width. The islands are formed into 26 natural atolls but they are divided into 19 administrative regions, also known as "atolls."

The-Maldives Travel Information is easily accessible through air from major cities throughout the world.

Male, the capital of Maldives has the International airport.

There are regular flights from Maldives to Colombo, Thiruvananthapuram, Dubai and Kualalampur. Getting to MaldivesMale airport is only 1 Km away from the main city and can be reached by boats or seaplanes.

Maldives Travel Information archipelago located 300 miles southwest of the southern tip of India and 450 miles west of Sri Lanka is a beautiful string of 1,190 low-lying coral islands scattered across the equator in the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, giving us a rare glimpse of what is aptly described as a tropical paradise.

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