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Rajasthan is where all the country's similes and metaphors appear to ...
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Camel in Rajasthan Desert Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

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Pushkar Rajasthan India Tour | Rajasthan Pushkar Fair Tours Package

The famous Pushkar Fair is a great tourist attraction. People from around the globe come to the ancient religious town of Pushkar which is transformed into a spectacular fair ground in the month of Kartik.

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People bathe, worship and delight in the dazzling wares of roadside stalls.

Camels are bought, sold, beautified, raced and parade. Most unusual are the small groups of men and women seen busy tattooing their hands and other parts of the body.

The fair is predominantly a rural gathering. Villagers come from different parts of the state and bring their .

On spectacular sanddunes camel, horse and bullock races are great crowd pullers. All roads lead to the lake, which is flooded with pilgrims. The movement of the crowd is like a tide of colour with currents of crimson, yellow and turquoise.

Pushkar Fair Holiday Packages Evenings at the Pushkar Fair have their own charm. The silent night is pierced by calls of camels. Ballads are sung by actors in passionate tones. Folk dramas, skits and folk dance are organised for the entertainment of the tourists.

The tourist village is self sufficient and specially designed to complement the natural beauty of the site. It has a Coffee Shop and Dining Hall which can cater to 1 500 guests at a time.
Historically, Pushkar is not far behind.

It has it share of being one of the cities of great strategic importance and was bagged by Mehmood of Ghanzi on one of his periodic forays from Afghanistan. Later Mughals acquired it and it is said that it was here that the British established contact with the Moghuls for the first time. In 1616, Pushkar witnessed the meeting of Sir Thomas Roe with Emperor Jehangir.

Pushkar eventually fell into the lap of Scindias until it reached the hands of British in 1818, who preferred to keep it directly under their control rather than letting it remain as a part of a princely state.

Pushkar owes much of its beauty to the beautiful hills surrounding it and 'Nag pahar' (translated as 'The Snake Mountain') that forms a natural boundary between Ajmer and Pushkar. According to Hindu mythology, all the gods visit Pushkar for five days in a year to bless the devout and absolve them of their sins.

There are many legends associated to the origin of Pushkar and Pushkar Fair but they have one thing in common. They are all associated with Lord Brahma. A visit to Pushkar Fair is an experience of a lifetime and is certainly not worth a miss

The village is arranged in blocks of tents, each with its own identity, being named after the famous dances of Rajasthan. The village also has huts with attached western style toilets and running water. One can also stay in Sarovar Hotel, Pushkar and Khadim Tourist Bunglow at Ajmer.

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