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Singapore has traded in its rough-and-ready opium dens and pearl luggers for towers of concrete and glass ...
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Explore Singapore Zoo
This open-concept zoo with 2,000 animals of 240 species, allows visitors to see animals in their natural habitat.

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The polar bear feeding show as well as the primate and reptile shows are favourites with children. Noted for its Orang Utan breeding programmes, the Singapore Zoo has the largest colony in the world of this endangered species.

The zoo is also home to other endangered species like the rare Bawean hog deer from Indonesia, the Sumatra tiger, the clouded leopard, the golden lion tamarins and cheetah.

Children's World,Primate Kingdom and Heliconia Valley are the major attractions of Singapore Zoo.

Jurong Bird Park
With over 9,000 feathered friends from 600 species, Jurong BirdPark is one of Asia Pacific’s most impressive bird parks.

From the Penguin Parade in a re-created Antarctic setting to the Southeast Asian Birds Aviary featuring a walk-in aviary with simulated tropical thunderstorms, the birds enjoy an environment designed to be as natural to their original habitat as possible.

The Waterfall Aviary is a firm favourite, home to 1,500 free-flying African birds. So is the Riverine, a new simulated natural freshwater river habitat featuring over 20 species of ducks, fish and turtles.

At two bird shows, you can watch flamingos, macaws, hornbills, cocktatoos and even hawks in action! Or start the day in style – by having breakfast with a star-studded bird cast!

Underwater World
Situated on Sentosa, Underwater World is a dream haven which showcases the awe-inspiring beauty of a whole different world beneath the seas.

From the sandy beaches and shallow rock pools, visitors begin their descent into the deep, passing brightly hued corals and vibrant plantlife before reaching a spectacular 83-metre long acrylic tunnel, home to great shoals of fish, prowling predators and other exotic ocean dwellers.

Many marine species, such as the blacktip and whitetip sharks, eagle rays and big-belly seahorses, breed and thrive in the Underwater World.

Underwater World plays an integral role in conservation efforts such as rescuing the endangered turtle species and spearheading a coral relocation project in the Southern Islands.

Besides the underwater tunnel in the Underwater World, some of the attractions are above the surface as well. At the Turtle Pool, you can spot the endangered Green and Hawksbill Turtles.

The visitors would love to touch and feel the contact with marine creatures such as Starfish and Sea Cucumbers at the Touch Pool.

There is also the Living Reef where the visitors can explore for more exhibits along the corridor.

Night Safari
Put a zoo and a national wildlife park together and you will get this enchanting Night Safari that is home to 100 exotic species, many rare and endangered.

Singapore's Night Safari is the first wildlife park in the world that is built and dedicated for visits at night. Situated within 40 hectares of lush secondary forest.

Night Safari prides itself on re-creating the natural environment for the nocturnal animals it shows, and offering its visitors the unique experience of exploring wildlife in a tropical jungle at night.

Through the use of subtle lighting technique, visitors are able to view over 1,000 nocturnal animals of 100 species in vast naturalistic habitats.

With the Night Safari being so special, it is a top attraction for visitors from all over the world.

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