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Thailand Climate |Climate of Thailand

Thailand is a tropical warm and relatively humid country.

climate, ThailandThe climate includes a monsoon and is characterized by heavy rainy season, nearly from May till September, then by a relatively dry season the rest of the year.

Temperature is the warmest in March and in April and the lowest in December and in January. Average temperature is of 28 degrees C.Thailand climate can be divided into three main seasons.

The climatic conditions that are prevalent in the north are favored greatly by the Thais as it is comfortably cool. With the temperatures remaining 3to 5 degrees lower than the rest of Thailand.

Winter- The temperatures in the mountainous regions are lower than the Chiang Mai city and tourists should bring adequate clothing to brace against the cold. The temperatures at night can drop to as low as 2 degrees in the cold season.

Monsoons-There is hardly any rainfall in the months between May to September. Continuous rainfall is rare and the north differs to a great extent from the central and the southern parts of Thailand.

A large part of the country during the monsoons suffers from flash floods especially in the central, north and the north eastern regions. The monsoons are the best season for river activities like rafting. The monsoon season is brief but the downpours are heavy.

Summer- the country is the hottest between the months of March and May and the heat is really scorching. Temperatures range from 32 degrees to 35 degrees. Bangkok is especially hot with temperatures rising to as high as 35 degrees.

If you are traveling from the west you will surely not find a cold season. Thailand climate may just be a little cooler than hot or just drier than the weather being absolutely humid. For such weather conditions cottons are the best option.

Thailand has has a tropical climate with a high degree of humidity. Average temperature is 30'C., varying from 32.5'C to 23.7'C. There are three seasons : hot, rainy, and cool.

The hot season, from March to May. From June to October the country is visited by the southwest monsoons bringing billowing clounds and cool showers. The cool season, from November to February, would be better named "warm" season.

If you are have to visit Thailand during the hotter months you could escape the oppressive humidity by going to a hill resort such as Khao Yai or by making a trip to Chiengmai, which has a lower humidity and is usually, but not always, cooler. In Chiengmai the temperature drops considerably after sunset.

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