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Thailand is colored by a distinct culture, with a rich and varied heritage ...
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Shopping in Thailand | Thailand Online Shopping

Thailand offers a wonderful experience for the ardent shopper, with a tremendous variety of goods on offer.

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You can shop for designer goods in the Malls, or browse for handicrafts and knick-knacks in the many markets.

There is something for everyone, no matter how deep or shallow your pocket may be.

Department stores open around 10:00 am and do not close until 9:00 pm.

Markets vary inShopping , Thailand their timing with produce markets opening before dawn, more general markets open during daylight hours, but in many areas there are Night Markets where you can sit in the open and eat before browsing the stalls.

Generally speaking, the term "antique" in Thailand refers to goods designed in an old or traditional style. Genuine antiques - things more than 100 years old - require special permission to be taken out of the country.

Our advice is to ignore the purported age of an item when negotiating the price, and if the seller insists on an unreasonably high price because of an item's age, ask to see the export permit for the item from the Department of Fine Arts. If the shop-keeper says they will provide a letter saying the piece is a reproduction, then you're advised to leave the shop right away.

As is probably obvious, prices for "antiques" can be outrageous in places that cater to tourists. Don't be afraid to offer half or even a third of the initial asking price, if you think it's high.

Don't be afraid to walk away if the merchant isn't coming down enough in their price, it's the quickest way to get them to change their minds!

A large open air market with so many people, so much heat, & so many things to see or buy! A shopper can choose from a large assortment of Thai crafts to take home as a souvenirs.

You can find almost anything that you want here in WEEKEND MARKET. (Have to be careful of your wallet.)

Thai silk, military surplus, Thai traditional handicrafts, furniture pieces, clothes, pets, plants, food, shoes, & more.

Favorite purchases in Thailand include Thai silk and cottons, modern and traditional jewellery featuring precious gemstones, semi-precious gemstones, silverware, nielloware, pewterware, ceramics, celadon, woodcarvings, paintings, and clothing.

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